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El tema candente de este año: ¿Cuáles son los GlobalRecycLED STandard (GRS) en hilos de fibra y telas?

global recycLED sTandard (GRS)Perfil de certificación de:


The Global RecycLED STandard (GRS) was originally developed by the Dutch Control Union in January 2008 to implement third-party certification sTandards for the use of recycLED fiber after recycling of used textiles. In January 2011, the Dutch Control Union transferred the copyright of the global recycling sTandard for textiles and apparel to the world's most influential US textile exchange.


GRS is developed for the needs of the textile industry to verify recycLED products or certain specific products. More importantly, let retailers and consumers know which parts of a particular product are recycLED materials and how to handle them in the supply chain.


Principios de la certificación GRS:


The GRS sTandard is suitable for recycling products with a content of 20% or more. Certain exceptions may apply, please consult the Textile Exchange Accreditation and Certification Process for concession processing information, as well as any validated recycLED materials that can be applied to any supply chain. Scope This sTandard verifies the chain of custody of recycLED materials in accordance with the content declaration sTandard.


Resultados de la auditoría de certificación GRS:


El certificado GRS se emite a través de la aprobación de la autoridad de licencias aprobada por Textile Exchange y el cumplimiento de los requisitos de certificación. El logotipo de GRS y los avisos especiales se pueden usar en promociones de la compañía y ventas de productos de acuerdo con los requisitos de la Guía de uso y reclamos del logotipo de GRS.


Contenido de revisión de certificación GRS:


1. RecycLED materials and supply chain requirements;

2. Requisitos de responsabilidad social;

3. Requisitos ambientales;

4. Requisitos químicos

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